Psycho-Educational Testing

 Psycho-Educational Testing is designed to investigate why a child may be experiencing academic, social, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties in and/or outside of the classroom. Educational testing helps to isolate what is interfering with a child’s learning process, be it social emotional issues, issues with attention and or hyperactivity/impulsivity (ADHD), a neurologically based learning disability, such as dyslexia, or a combination of any of the above.  In addition to discovering underlying weaknesses responsible for academic, behavioral, and emotional struggles, educational testing also focuses on determining strengths and resources that a child can capitalize upon in order to compensate for their weaknesses.

Assessments conducted by a clinician typically involve reviewing available records, making observations, interviewing the client, parent, and teachers, and administering standardized testing measures. Once the necessary information is gathered, results are interpreted in a comprehensive report that includes diagnoses and recommendations. A follow-up session is usually scheduled with the individual/parent(s) to review results, recommendations, and to answer questions. Assessments typically take a few scheduled appointments. Sometimes referrals to other multi-disciplinary clinicians are made, such as a speech, physical occupational therapist.

Psycho-Educational Testing may be initiated by a parent, recommended by a doctor, or requested by an educational institution to address various educational/achievement concerns such as:

  • Identifying learning disabilities
  • Diagnosing ADD and ADHD
  • Determining if your child is gifted
  • Measuring emotional/psychological functioning
  • Evaluating cognitive abilities through IQ testing

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Depending on your needs, educational testing may include:

  • Onsite testing at school, home or office
  • Feedback at IEP
  • Collaboration with school personnel
  • Practical recommendations, goals, and plans
  • Consultation services
  • A review of prior records
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Fees for psycho-educational evaluation depend on the complexity of the assessment battery necessary, but typically range from $1700 to $3,000.

If you would like to pursue a psycho-educational evaluation, please download and complete the Intake Form for children or adults and return it to our office or contact us for further information.

PREPARATION: For the first session, please bring a copy of your report cards beginning as early as you can locate and a copy of previous testing reports (medical, psycholgical, educational). Take any prescribed medications on the day of testing. You may wish to bring a snack and drink. Get a good night sleep and something to eat prior to the testing sessions.

What are the signs of ADD or ADHD?
If you or a loved one exhibits more than one of following symptoms:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Inattention
  • Squirming/Fidgeting
  • Difficulty Following Instructions
  • Daydreaming
  • Boredom

What does a ADD/ADHD assessment include?

  • Intake interview and screening with client
  • Interview with others family and teachers
  • If relevant and we will obtain consent for a school observation
  • Testing of visual/auditory impulsivity and inattention
  • Behavior and attention ratings by client and others