Telehealth: Your 1st Therapy Appointment

What can I expect?

Although each Teletherapist is unique, and each appointment is different, the first session for any client has many similarities.

You can expect:

We will troubleshoot the technology. Our first session will give us information about what works, and what doesn’t (i.e., connectivity, microphones, cameras, sound, lighting, etc.). Be patient! It might take us time to make sure every piece is working perfectly.

We work together to build “rapport”. This simply means, we spend time getting to know one another! We might talk about our likes or dislikes, our hobbies, or our families. Building a strong connection helps our foundation for learning.

We learn how to use the platform! Your teletherapist will need to demonstrate the tools available on the screen. If you are a learning coach, parent or assistant, it may be necessary for you to watch and learn as well. Join us!

We discuss our goals for therapy (if age-appropriate). What does the client want to learn? What are his/her short term goals? Long term goals? What is the level of motivation for change? What are the established IEP goals? These conversations are always guided by what is appropriate for the client’s age and cognitive level.

     Prior to your first appointment please make sure of the following:

– You have access to a computer/tablet or phone, internet, webcam and audio

-You have a designated space for therapy that is quiet, well-lit and free of distractions

–You have read through the documents and signed the consent

-You have completed and filled out all documents necessary for billing purposes

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